In this episode:

Football Discussions

NFL Trades

  • Trade Deadline

    • Amari Cooper
    • Giants/Raiders and rebuilding

Vikings Talk

  • Jets Game Recap

    • Grade of Kirk Cousins' performance
    • Is the running game really back?
    • What does Dalvin mean to this team going forward?
    • Costly injuries
  • Everson Griffen is back!!!
    • What does this do to the locker room?
    • How quickly do you expect him to be back into the usual rotation?
    • Has Weatherly earned more snaps?
  • Saints Preview
    • Key match ups

      • Vikings WRs vs Saints DBs
      • Vikings DL vs Saints OL
    • Can our secondary hold up?
    • Will Kirk keep up with Brees?
    • Who should start on the OL if Reiff is back?
      • LT
  • Bold prediction/Score prediction
    • Yinka: 31-30 Vikings; 62 yards GW field goal from Bailey
    • JR: 34-31 Vikings; Kirk Cousins 4 TDs
    • Jayson: 31-28 Vikings; Kyle Rudolph 100 yards and 1 TD

Recent/Upcoming Projects

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