In this episode:

Question of the Day: Have the new rules ruined football?

Vikings Talk

  • Jaguars Game Recap

    • One word to describe the game
    • Thoughts on Kirk's performance and frame of mind
      • See Randy's thoughts here.
    • Read Josh's article.
  • Standout Players
    • Offense
    • Defense

Seahawks Game Preview 

  • Is Seattle going to be bad this year?
  • Who has more yards this season?
    • Carson/Penny
    • Jaron Brown/Darboh
  • What match ups are you looking for?
  • Who needs to show out?

George Iloka

  • All Big Nickel All The Time?

Recent/Upcoming Projects

  • Catch up on all the latest from CTP here.
  • Devy Watch Podcast with JR here.


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