In this episode:

  • US Bank Stadium impressions

  • SKOL Chant impressions

  • Game 2 feelings

  • Jacksonville DL v. Makeshift Vikings OL

  • “Roughing” the passer / Lowering the helmet rules

  • The Roc Thompson Show (correction) featuring Roc Thomas err- Mike Boone!

  • Injuries

  • #Chemistry between Thielen and Cousins

  • LAR Sign a Tackle… Not that one…

  • Menelik Watson - Possible cheap depth

  • Vikings OL Update

  • #AskSkoldiers - Has Holton Hill earned a roster spot? (@Superskolfan)

  • #KickerWatch2018 - No-bra Kai dojo

  • George Iloka - But why tho?

  • Adrian Peterson is in the best shape of his life… and is a WAS Potato.

  • Weekly Pick-ems (Preseason edition)

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